October 29, 2017

2024-05-06 | 00:56:40

"Leroy and his crew from Furniture Master Movers were awesome! I had an extremely heavy safe that I needed moved down a flight of staires into my basement. Leroy was upfront and honest about all aspects of the move and possible damage from moving something so heavy (across a tile and hardwood floor). Leroy and his guys showed up on time and got the job done quickly and efficiently. I will definitely use them again and will recommend them to family and friends. Great group of guys!"
October 23, 2017

2024-05-06 | 00:56:43

"This was my second time moving with these guys and they are amazing! Very reasonably priced, reliable and extremely professional! Definitely would use again and recommend to family and friends. You can't go wrong with Furniture Master Movers :)"
October 20, 2017

2024-05-06 | 00:56:46

"Furniture Masters was an excellent choice to move my piano. They were thorough, careful, clean and had tarps to not hurt the floors. Fair price. I had total peace of mind. Great bunch of guys and very professional."
October 20, 2017

2024-05-06 | 00:56:49

"This is the second time Furniture Master has helped me move a safe.__They took extra care in protecting the article they were moving.__Great guys. They went over and above in their efforts.__Would definitely recommend and will use them again!"
October 20, 2017

2024-05-06 | 00:56:51

"I had an upright grand piano that needed to be moved to an upstairs apartment, and the stairs had a couple of turns in them. Now, I had a unique situation in that my piano is not a real piano - it's old and not worth restoring so it's halfway through an upcycling project. I've removed all the piano guts in the process of turning it into something else. So my piano didn't need quite the amount of delicacy as it otherwise would have, but Leroy and his team made sure to still take good care of it and make sure it didn't get damaged. Despite looking like there was no way this large piano body would get up these stairs they were willing to try and I'm so impressed that they gave it their best effort and were able to make it work. We seriously discussed where to take the piano if/when it didn't make it, but because of their efforts it did make it and I'm very grateful! I will definitely recommend them if I hear of anyone moving a piano!"
September 9, 2017

2024-05-06 | 00:56:54

"I would definitely recommend this company. They are reasonably priced and are extremely professional. They make sure your stuff is taken care of and handled with care. I wont be using any other company. These guys are it!"