Why You Should Hire a Professional Piano Mover Instead of Doing It Yourself

When you’re planning to move a piano, you might be tempted to do it yourself—after all, moving can already be time consuming and expensive. However, pianos are delicate, heavy instruments that require special care. Even if you’re just moving down the block, it can get damaged during transport. That’s even more expensive to fix than simply hiring professional movers in the first place.

Here’s what to consider when you need to move a piano.

Why pianos are difficult to move

Even small pianos can weigh around 300 pounds. What’s more, they’re full of delicate strings, hammers and other mechanical components that can become damaged if the instrument is dropped or jostled. The piano has to remain upright at all times to protect the strings—there’s over 18 tons of pressure in those strings, and if one snaps, it can be disastrous.

The piano also has to be fully lifted off the ground when moving, especially if you’re moving over carpet. If you push the piano, the legs can snap off. If you’re moving it over hardwood, the legs will scratch the floor. Professional movers have the right kind of equipment to keep your piano—and your surroundings—safe.

Why you should hire professional movers

Here’s a closer look at the key reasons to not attempt to move your piano on your own:

  • Prevent injury: Since pianos are so heavy, you can seriously injure yourself if you try to move your piano on your own. Some can weigh up to 1,000 pounds—imagine dropping that down the stairs! Prevent backache, strains and hernias by letting the professionals move your piano with the proper equipment. Plus, if the strings snap while the cover is open, they can easily cut you.
  • Keep your piano from being damaged: Your piano is a delicate instrument, full of strings, hammers and other components that have to be adjusted just so. It’s also easy to snap off a leg, scratch or dent the exterior and otherwise wreck your expensive instrument. Professional movers are skilled at moving a piano the right way, so it arrives in your new space no worse for the wear.
  • Get the right kind of moving truck: In addition to handling your piano properly, professional movers will have the right kind of moving truck to transport your piano. Not all moving trucks are created equal—and some might not even be big enough—so don’t expect to just cram your belongings around the instrument in any old truck. Let a professional handle it.
  • Save money on repairs: Finally, professional movers will cost money—but probably not as much as repairing your piano after it’s damaged. The older and heavier your piano is, the more important it is that you use a professional to handle it from start to finish.

Don’t risk damaging your piano. Let professionals move your piano for you. When you’re planning a move, Furniture Master Moving Services Inc. has everything you need for safe, efficient piano transportation. We’ll make sure your piano gets from point A to point B with no damage—call today!