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Five Steps to Prepare Your Piano for Moving

Whether you’ve sold your piano or are moving to a new home, moving it is always a tricky job. Before the movers arrive, you need to perform some simple prep work. Keeping your piano safe and reducing your costs are the main reasons why you should prep a piano before moving, and here are five […]

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Piano Mover Instead of Doing It Yourself

When you’re planning to move a piano, you might be tempted to do it yourself—after all, moving can already be time consuming and expensive. However, pianos are delicate, heavy instruments that require special care. Even if you’re just moving down the block, it can get damaged during transport. That’s even more expensive to fix than […]

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Five Tips to Maintain Your Piano

Whether you practice piano every day or only tickle the ivories once in a while, it’s still important to keep your piano in great working condition. Pianos are an investment, so ensuring they’re well maintained will preserve their usefulness and value. Understanding how to maintain a piano is the key to extending your instrument’s lifespan. […]

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