Top Five Tips for Moving a Safe

Getting ready to move? If you have a safe that you intend to take from your current property to a new one, you’re probably dreading the effort it takes to move such a bulky and awkward object. With a bit of proper planning and a steady hand, though, you can get your safe from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. Read on to discover how to move a safe safely with these five helpful tips or click to learn more about our safe moving services.

Plan the route

One of the key safe moving tips is planning an efficient exit strategy. Devise a strategy to get your safe out the door in the easiest way possible by deciding on the most convenient path and doorway. Consulting with a professional moving service even at this early stage is important, since they’ll have a better understanding of the logistics of moving heavy objects. They’ll know the best strategies for moving safes and other bulky items even in the face of challenges like stairs, corners and tight spaces.

Empty the safe

Before moving, completely empty the safe of its contents. Not only will you lighten the load, but you’ll also protect your valuable items during the moving process. Whether your safe contains guns, jewelry, documents or other precious and important items, take them out well before moving day and put them into secure storage during your move, whether that means renting a safe deposit box or other temporary storage option. For peace of mind, make sure these items are insured to protect your investment in case of happenstance.

Wrap the safe and protect walls and surfaces before moving

Protect your safe and your property by properly wrapping it before movers arrive. Lock the door and completely wrap it with thick blankets, paying special attention to the corners and hard edges. Put down boards or other protection on the floors of your property to prevent against scratches, gouges and scuffs that could happen during moving.

Use a dolly

Even with a few people helping, many safes are just too heavy to lift. If you work with a moving company, they’ll supply an appliance dolly to move heavy objects like safes. Always practice safe moving tips and use ropes or sturdy straps in combination with the dolly to keep the safe from tilting or sliding as you move it.

Load the safe

Loading the safe onto a moving truck is often one of the trickiest steps in the moving process. Your chosen moving company will likely supply a truck with a motorized ramp or other equipment that takes the stress and effort out of getting the safe up off the ground and into the truck.

It takes some special care and a bit of planning to move a safe safely. It’s best to rely on a professional moving company to move heavy items like safes in an efficient manner. They’ll make sure the object itself will be secure and protected, and also work to avoid any damage that can arise when you’re moving bulky objects. Contact Furniture Master Moving Services Inc. to learn more about what it takes to get your safe where it needs to go in the most efficient, hassle-free way.