What to Do Before Your Movers Arrive: How to Prepare for Professional Movers

Whether you’re moving down the block or across town, relying on professional movers to handle the heavy lifting is a smart idea. While there are plenty of benefits of hiring movers, there are some steps you should take to make sure they’re able to hit the ground running as soon as their truck pulls up to your current house. If you’re wondering what to do before the professional movers arrive and get to work, here are four helpful tips to ensure the process goes quickly and smoothly.

Write out a detailed inventory

Decide what you’re taking to your new house and make a detailed list of everything, even the small stuff. Write down everything you’ll be entrusting the movers to put on the truck and haul to your new property. Be as detailed as possible, noting make or brand, serial number, estimated value and other important features. Detail the condition of the item, including any preexisting damage. Not only will an inventory help moving companies provide you with an accurate estimate for their services, but it also serves as proof in case items go missing or get damaged during transport.

Photograph important items

While one of the benefits of hiring movers is that they take excellent care of your belongings during transit, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to documenting the condition of your belongings. Take several photos of furniture, artwork, decorative items, electronics, collectibles and any other items for which you think it’s handy to have a visual record. If any damage occurs during transport, you’ll have pictures to prove that damage occurred during the move. Since reputable moving companies carry insurance for these situations, you can have peace of mind knowing you won’t be eating the cost of any damage.

Set aside the things you want to move yourself

There are always some things that are better to move yourself, including important documents, keys, essential electronic devices, family heirlooms, valuables and more. Set these items aside, possibly in a “no-pack room” or in boxes with a clear designation that you plan to move them yourself. It’s a smart idea to be proactive about securing your personal data during the move by keeping documents, credit cards and financial records with you at all times. All documents that you don’t want to take with you should be shredded to preserve your privacy and protect your identity.

Keep the house protected from damage

One of the key things to do before the professional movers arrive is protect your home from potential damage. While one of the benefits of hiring movers is that they’ll come prepared with moving blankets and other important items you need to keep heavy furniture from scraping walls and floors, you should put tarps, sheets or blankets down on floors to protect them from muddy footprints or scuffing.

Understanding what to do before professional movers arrive ensures a smooth process both for you and your chosen moving team. Contact Furniture Master Moving Services Inc. today to schedule your move and learn more about what it takes to prepare for the big day.