How to Prepare Your Kids for a Big Move

Moving is a big deal for a family, especially if you’ve got kids. For big moves to new areas far away, you especially want to make sure your kids are comfortable and prepared as much as they can be.

While it can be scary for young ones, there are some ways to prepare your kids for moving that will help ease the uncertainty and anxiety that may come with such a big life change.

Here are some tips for moving with kids to make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

Talk about it early

One of the best things you can do to help prepare your kids for moving is to talk with them about it early on in the process. It’s best not to spring it on them at the last minute and just take them along for the ride. Give them agency in the process, and give them a chance to get to share in your excitement about it.

In this vein, involving them in the process can be a good idea, too. Have them help pack, no matter how young they are, and let them pack a special bag or backpack to have with them on the trip. Take some photos together of the old house before moving, so your kids will have something to look back on if they’re feeling homesick.

Listen to their concerns

Your kids are bound to have questions and concerns about moving. Remember, their initial reaction may not be how they end up feeling in the end, so have patience, and don’t worry if they’re scared or angry right off the bat. The important thing is to make them feel heard and make sure they have a chance to ask questions they have about it.

While you may not be able to fix everything they are concerned about, you can give them reasons to be excited about moving to a new area. As mentioned, talking about things early is a good strategy here, too. It will give your kids time to process things and give you time to help them prepare for the move.

Plan your moving day to help kids adjust

Picking the right time of year to move can help your kids adjust sooner to their new community. For example, the best time of year to move may be in the middle of summer. That way, your kids will be able to finish up the school year and have a chance to spend some time with their friends before moving. They will also have time to get to know the new area and maybe make some new friends before starting the year at their new school.

If the middle of summer is not an option, take a look at the school calendars, and choose a date that would work best. For example, if they’re looking forward to a particular event, try to make it work out that they can still attend before you move.

Hiring a professional mover can give you more time to spend with your kids during the big move. For experienced, professional moving services, contact Furniture Master Moving Services Inc. today.