Tips for Preparing Your Piano for a Safe Move in Murray, UT

Man,with,beard,worker,in,helmet,and,overalls,pushes,,effortsMoving a piano can be a challenging task, but with proper preparation and the right equipment, it can be done safely and efficiently. Whether you are moving across town or to a different state, taking the necessary steps to protect your piano during the move is essential. In this blog, we will discuss some helpful tips for preparing your piano for a safe move in Murray, UT and explain the special skills and equipment needed for piano moving.

1. Hire Professionals:

Moving a piano requires specific skills and equipment that most individuals do not possess. It is advisable to hire professional piano movers who are experienced in handling and transporting pianos. They have the necessary knowledge, training, and specialized equipment to safely move your piano from one location to another.

2. Schedule a Pre-Move Inspection:

Before the moving day, it is essential to schedule a pre-move inspection with your chosen piano moving company. A professional mover will assess your piano’s condition, size, and unique features to determine the best approach for its safe transportation. They will consider factors such as the weight of the piano, its fragility, and any potential obstacles in your home that could make the moving process in Murray, UT more challenging.

3. Protect Your Piano:

To prevent any damage during transportation in Murray, UT, it is crucial to protect your piano adequately. Start by covering the piano with a moving blanket or a protective piano cover to shield it from scratches, dust, and other potential hazards. Secure the cover tightly to ensure it does not move during transport. Additionally, consider placing padding or foam around the corners, edges, and delicate parts of the piano to provide extra protection.

4. Secure the Piano Lid:

If your piano has a lid, make sure it is securely closed and locked before the move. This will prevent the lid from accidentally opening during transportation, potentially causing damage to the keys, strings, or other internal components. Professional piano movers will know how to secure the lid properly, ensuring that it remains closed throughout the move.

5. Disassemble When Required:

For certain types of pianos, such as grand or baby grand pianos, disassembling may be necessary to facilitate the move. Hiring professional piano movers who are skilled in piano disassembly and reassembly is crucial to ensure a safe and successful relocation. They will carefully dismantle the piano, separating the legs, music stand, and other parts that need to be disassembled. These parts will be packaged securely to avoid any damage during transit.

6. Use Proper Lifting Techniques:

When it comes to moving a piano, proper lifting techniques are essential to prevent injuries and damage. Professional piano movers in Murray, UT are trained in using the appropriate lifting techniques required for safe piano transportation. They will use specialized equipment, such as piano dollies, straps, and harnesses, to lift and carry the piano without putting excessive strain on any one person.

7. Sufficient Packing and Cushioning:

In addition to wrapping your piano in a protective cover, it is crucial to provide adequate packing and cushioning inside the truck or moving vehicle. This will help absorb any vibrations or shocks during transportation. Consider using blankets, foam padding, or air cushions to provide an additional layer of protection around the piano.


Preparing your piano for a safe move requires careful planning and the help of professional piano movers. Hiring experienced professionals who possess the necessary skills and equipment is crucial to ensure a successful and hassle-free move. By following these tips and taking the necessary precautions to protect your piano, you can have peace of mind that your cherished instrument will reach its new destination safely and securely.

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