Should I Hire a Professional to Move My Piano?

Pianos come in many different shapes and sizes, but they’re almost always difficult to move. While you might be trying to save some money by having a couple of friends move your piano, it’s always best to invest in a professional moving service. Hiring a reputable, professional piano moving service is often safer and sure to make things much easier.

Below, we cover the reasons for hiring a professional piano moving service. If you need a piano moving company, you could simply search, “professional moving company for pianos near me.”

They have all the right moving equipment

There’s a lot of equipment necessary when it comes to moving a piano. You’ll need packing materials to ensure the safety of the instrument—not to mention a large moving truck. Coming up with all these supplies on your own is often difficult.

Reputable moving companies already have all the equipment needed to move large objects safely and securely. They often have trucks of varying sizes, so it won’t be difficult to find one that your piano fits in. Professional movers are also more experienced at driving with heavy items in their vehicles.

They are better at maneuvering large objects

A piano can be one of the most difficult things to try and maneuver into your home. Professional piano movers, however, have seen it all and can easily get the instrument into your home without damaging anything. Hiring a professional mover to move your piano will also help you and your friends avoid the injuries that often go along with moving heavy objects.

Large pianos can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. Even your largest and strongest friends will have trouble moving something that size. It’s easy to injure yourself when trying to move something extremely heavy. This is especially true if there are stairs involved. Avoid lifelong back pain and damaged household items by working with a professional.

They can keep your piano safe

One slip and your piano could be damaged beyond repair. Professional movers are used to transporting large and valuable items from point A to point B. Professional movers know how to properly pack and store valuable items so that they’re perfectly secure during the moving process. They also stay wary of any corners or other obstacles that could get in the way during transport.

You’ll likely end up saving money

While paying a moving company may end up costing more than doing it on your own initially, you’ll likely end up saving money in the long run. This is because professional movers will transport your instrument without causing any damage to it. Even one accident could result in expensive repairs—and it’s easy to have an accident when you’ve never moved such a large object before.

As you can see, there are many reasons to hire a professional piano mover over trying to do it yourself. If you want to ensure that your instrument gets delivered safely to your home, contact the experts at Furniture Master Moving Services Inc. today. We have years of experience in moving pianos and always take all the proper precautions.