Three Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Safe Mover

Wondering whether you should hire someone to move your safe? Whatever you store in your safe, if it’s big, chances are that it’s also heavy. Don’t make the mistake of trying to move a safe on your own. Professional movers know how to move a safe the right way, which means you’ll be less prone to injury, property damage and other fallout.

Here are three major reasons you need to hire the pros when moving a safe.

Your safe is big, heavy and unwieldy

The most obvious reason to hire a safe moving service is that your safe might be too hard to move on your own. Even if you’re a burly bodybuilder, that doesn’t mean that you know how to safely move a large, heavy object without damaging the safe, your home or what’s inside of it. For most people, trying to move a large safe is a one-way ticket to Hernia City. Don’t risk your health—or your property.

Professional movers are trained to move big, heavy objects without harming themselves or the building around them. Heavy-duty dollies and straps help movers guide the safe in and out of tight corners, stairwells and other obstacles. This is one area where you should not try to take matters into your own hands—even if three or four of you are helping.

The safe might be connected to your home’s structure

Another reason to hire professional movers is when your safe is connected to the home’s structure. Many people have safes built directly into their homes, whether to conceal the presence of the safe or to make it harder for thieves to abscond with. Professional movers come equipped with the tools and knowledge to remove the safe—without doing damage to your home in the process. They’ll also let you know if the safe is in too precarious a position to safely move it.

If your safe has electrical wiring or it topples over when you remove it, it can cause even more damage. It’s easy to be crushed underneath a falling safe—many of them weigh up to 1,000 pounds empty. If it’s wired into your home’s electrical system, you also risk damaging the wiring and causing an electrical fire. In this case, it’s much better to call the pros. The peace of mind will be worth it.

Protect your valuables inside the safe

Finally, you can trust professional movers to protect not just the safe itself but the valuables inside it. Large, heavy safes are usually only meant to protect items when the safe is upright. If it’s knocked over, shaken or otherwise jostled around, your precious jewelry, guns, family photos and more could be damaged. Let the professionals handle your safe, so you can guarantee all your valuables will safely travel from Point A to Point B.

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