Why You Should Hire a Professional Piano Mover vs. a General Household Mover

You might figure that all moving companies are all pretty much the same. They lug objects from one place to another. You may wonder, “Why should I hire a professional to move my piano? Isn’t a general mover good enough?”

The fact is that there’s more that goes into moving a piano than you may expect.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of hiring a professional piano mover. You’ll soon understand why you don’t want just anyone handling your piano!

Piano moving as a specialty

Pianos include more than 12,000 individual parts along with a fragile exterior. These are immense, complicated, heavy pieces of machinery that require training to transport from one location to another properly. A general household mover might handle a request to move a piano every once in a while. A piano mover, on the other hand, will move up to six pianos in a single day.

Because of this consistency and volume, moving pianos becomes second nature to these specialists. A general household mover will likely approach moving pianos like they would anything else, e.g., sofas, desks, dressers, etc. This isn’t the best mindset for the job. This could result in injury to the movers, damage to the piano and damage to the home.

Getting the job done correctly

If you want a safe and effective move, then the benefits of hiring a professional piano mover are clear. A piano moving company with a good reputation will have both the experience and the equipment to make this into a straightforward, trouble-free experience for all involved.

For example, a four-wheel dolly designed for this purpose is an essential tool. An inexpensive dolly will have wheels that aren’t fit for the job. With a big job such as a Steinway, the movers will need to utilize a large-diameter soft-wheel piano dolly. Without the right gear, you can put gouges in the hardwood, damage staircases and, of course, ruin your beautiful piano.

The right storage options

Especially if you’re moving a long distance, you want piano movers who have storage that includes climate control. Have you ever noticed that the piano goes out of tune when it’s humid? Drastic changes in the climate (such as in a storage area that’s extremely hot or cold) can do irrevocable damage to the piano. From cracked soundboards to broken lacquer finishes, poor storage can ruin the instrument.

If you’re bothering to take your piano with you to your new home, you should do so correctly. You want your piano to be the highlight of your living room, in tune and ready to play.

We hope this addresses why you should hire a professional to move your piano. Furniture Master Moving Services Inc. has years of experience moving pianos. We’ve established a reputation as the best in the business no matter what kind of setup you have. We do it all—from small upright pianos to large grand pianos and organ-moving. Contact us right now to learn how we will take care of your instrument and request a free quote.