Packing and Storing Seasonal Items

The weather changing as the seasons turn is always a pleasant time in life. The fall turning into winter lets us dream about the holidays and family togetherness, while winter melting into spring reminds us of the potential of new life. That said, a less fun chore is necessary when the calendar turns over: packing and storing your seasonal items.

Putting away things like out-of-season clothes and holiday decorations can be a real pain, but with some simple tips to keep in mind, it can really be a breeze.

Read on for some more tips about how you can pack efficiently so that you’re not tearing your hair out when the weather shifts.

Storing winter items

When you’re packing away winter items when the springtime rolls around, there’s a number of things that you want to keep in mind. First of all, it pays to put away holiday decorations neatly. If you have an artificial holiday tree, make sure that you store it in a place where it can’t easily be jostled so that branches don’t bend and leave you disappointed for next year.

Second, it pays to label your boxes as you take down and sort other holiday decorations. It doesn’t take that much longer to properly label and pack seasonal items, and it will save you many hours the next year so you don’t have to hunt through every single box.

Finally, be sure to store winter clothes in the correct manner. Make sure to properly launder them or have them dry-cleaned, and then take any relevant pest-mitigation steps. Lots of winter clothes are made of wool which many insects like moths will pounce on and devour, so be aware.

Storing summer gear

When the weather starts to cool down and it’s time to pack away the summer items, a lot of the winter tips are still relevant, but with a few different twists. First of all, make sure you rinse off anything that has been exposed to saltwater on those wonderful beach days. There is no bigger killer of metal in particular than the marine environment, so remember that you don’t want lingering salt when packing and storing your seasonal items.

Another tip for packing seasonal items in late summer is to utilize your hanging space, not just bins and boxes. You can hang up many items like rain jackets and beach towels rather than occupying precious container space. This will also help you use space more efficiently, since boxes can really have quite a large and inefficient footprint in your attic, closet or basement.

Packing and storing your seasonal items can be a chore, but you can also think of it like a challenge. Remember how miserable it was to pull out the holiday lights this year when they were all tangled? Do yourself a favor, remember that feeling and strive to make it easier to deal with the next go-around.

Finally, if you’ve packed all of your seasonal items in preparation for a big move, we hope that you’ll call our team here at Furniture Master Moving Services Inc. for all of your moving needs.