How To Move Valuable Artwork

Moving day has arrived, and you realize that you have some special, valuable things to be extra careful of when preparing to move them. One of the most common things people deal with in this regard is framed artwork. Whether it’s a valuable investment or something very sentimental and important to you, you’ll need to be sure to take extra steps during your move so your artwork arrives in the same condition as it was before your move.

A professional moving company will know the correct moving procedures regarding moving valuable artwork. Whether you choose to have them take care of it, or if you’re going to be the one to take the challenge, you should be informed about the best way to do the job. If you’re hiring a moving company, be sure you communicate with them before the move to discuss and understand their methods, making sure they meet your expectations.

Let’s say you’re moving an unframed painting. To be certain, you’ll need some tape and sheets of cardboard. The other supplies will largely depend on how much extra precaution you choose to take. You may want to use plain newsprint or tissue paper to cover and protect the surface of your artwork. For the most protection during the move, you may opt to use hardboard.

How To Pack Artwork

1. Slide a piece of cardboard beneath the artwork. Be sure not to touch the artwork; handle the cardboard from here on.

2. If you have newsprint or tissue paper, place it over the front of the artwork. You’ll want to tape the paper to the corners, but be careful that it’s nowhere near the painting itself.

3. Cover the front of the artwork with another sheet of cardboard.

4. Place another sheet of cardboard on each side of the painting to create a strong foundation and prevent bending of the artwork.

5. Wrap some tape around the cardboard pieces to secure them together.

6. Place this between two corrugated cardboard or hardwood pieces and tape all the sides together. That will do it.<p>

If you have any framed pieces of artwork, you’ll want to use strong boxes. Mirror boxes are recommended, and most movers should have these for you to use. You will need tape, bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, and corner protectors. You may use hardboard as well, for maximum protection.

How To Pack Framed Pieces

1. Place corner protectors on each corner of the artwork.

2. Wrap the frame with bubble wrap and tape it together tightly.

3. Place the wrapped work between two pieces of board and tape them together.

4. Place packing peanuts in your box to create a layer of protection.

5. Place your artwork inside and fill the box with more peanuts.

6. Seal the box shut.

You now know how to pack unframed and framed artwork. Here’s to a safe move!