Ways to Stay Healthy When Hiring Professional Movers

The events of the past few years have made us all quite a bit more aware of our own health, and how we can protect ourselves and our families from the threat of disease. We’ve masked, social-distanced and cleaned responsibly—all in the quest to keep our communities that much safer than they were before.

It’s also made us rethink a lot of our interactions with people like coworkers and extended family; however, one area that could use some more consideration is interactions with service workers and contractors, like the ones that you’ll have when moving.

Knowing how to stay healthy when hiring movers just requires the usage of some simple tips, so read on for some additional insight into how you can protect both your loved ones and the movers you’ve hired.

Here are our top tips for staying healthy when hiring professional moving services:

  • Mask up: Everyone should be used to this by now, but it bears repeating: It’s just common courtesy for all parties in a case like this to wear proper masks. A simple tip for staying healthy when hiring professional moving services is requesting that our movers wear masks. This is something that we’re well accustomed to by now, and we ask that our customers return the favor if they’re comfortable doing so.
  • Open the windows: We also know by now that proper ventilation is critical in the fight against COVID-19. You can stay healthy when hiring movers partially by opening your windows to increase airflow and reduce the risk of anyone becoming ill. You can also turn on any exhaust fans to expel air and further up the security factor.
  • Clean high-touch areas: Make sure that you have plenty of disinfectant wipes on hand if you want to stay healthy when hiring professional moving services. Throughout the course of the day, make sure you’re using them to wipe down surfaces like bathroom fixtures, doorknobs and counters.
  • Wash your hands: Make sure that you’re pausing periodically throughout the day to wash your hands, and also avoid touching your face whenever possible. This will go a long way towards ensuring that viruses and bacteria won’t enter your body through your nose and/or mouth, and it’s a great way to stay healthy when hiring professional movers.
  • Boost your immunity: If you’re trying to stay healthy when hiring professional moving services, it can be a great help to make sure you’re doing everything possible to bolster your own defenses. Take multivitamins, and eat a nutritious and balanced diet in the days before the move, and make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. These simple actions will give your immunity system much of the ammo that it needs to fend off many run-of-the-mill illnesses that you can encounter.

Our team at Furniture Master Moving Services Inc. is devoted to providing excellence in service. This extends not just to taking care of your belongings but also in helping you and your family stay healthy when hiring movers. If you have any further questions about precautions we take during our work, please get in touch with our service team today.