Average Cost of Movers

Moving is emotionally taxing and physically demanding. You have to do a lot of research to find the right mover that meets your needs and budget. But how much does it cost to hire movers? Let’s explore more about the expense of hiring movers.

Average Cost of Movers Per Hour

Many companies charge moving fees by the hour. The average hourly rate for a residential move is about $100 for two workers. If you have a lot of furniture and boxes, the price can go up to $200 per hour. For an out-of-state or long-distance move cost, the average is around $2,000. However, your location and various other factors affect the average price. 

Packing Costs

One expense many people neglect to include in their moving budget is packing. You can hire professional packers if you don’t have the time or energy to pack everything up yourself. Professional packing services are usually about $100-$200.

If you need special care for specific items, like a piano or valuable art, you will have to pay extra since it takes a lot of time and equipment to pack those items.

Also, don’t forget about your pets, if you have any. Moving companies usually have pet-friendly services that help make the transition smoother for your furry friends.

Additional Fees

You should be aware of a few other potential fees when budgeting for your move. It will be an added cost if you need storage during the moving process. Some storage companies offer daily or weekly rentals, depending on how long you need to store your stuff.

Some movers may charge higher rates if you decide to move out on the weekend. Also, the complexity of your move can add more fees. For example, if you have a lot of stairs or are moving to a difficult-to-reach location, there are likely to be added charges. Tight spaces, heavy furniture, or any obstacle making it more challenging can add to your bill.

How Can I Save Money Moving?

Luckily, you have some ways to save money when you’re moving.

First, if you have the time, start packing early and do as much as you can yourself. Having your stuff already packed saves you a considerable chunk of money.

Second, avoid moving during the summer, when rates are generally higher. Try to move on a weekday outside of peak season for the best moving rates. 

Third, get quotes from multiple moving companies before making your decision. Don’t be afraid to bargain a little and use one price to compete against another.

Finally, recruit the help of your family and friends to help mitigate the costs. You’ll be less stressed, and may even have a bit of fun.