How Do You Pack for a Move?

Moving is considered one of the most stressful events in life. If you are moving with a big family or small children, go ahead and multiply that by a hundred. To cut down on stress, planning is required. Since the most stressful part about the move is the packing, you will need to have a well-thought-out packing plan in place. If you jump into packing with no plan and no organization, you will regret it later. Here are some general moving and packing tips to help you get started. 

If you are careful and organized with your packing, you will also have an easier time unpacking. The problem is that most people procrastinate on this aspect, and in the excitement or urgency to get into their new home, they just start throwing things in the van. When you get to your other destination, you will feel even more overwhelmed when you are trying to sift through all of your items and put them away properly.

Declutter First

If you have clutter, you will want to clear this out first. Moving an already-cluttered house can be confusing and frustrating. Be sure to spend some time long before moving day decluttering your house.

Moving Supplies

Start by gathering your moving supplies. In most cases, you will need boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape. It is a good idea to go ahead and secure these items way ahead of time. Moving companies can advise you on how many boxes you may need.

You may also want to secure a dolly. This handy item will make moving large furniture items and appliances a breeze.

General Packing Tips

Let’s look at some general packing tips that will make a huge difference in your move.

Pack similar together – The more similar items you pack together, the easier it will be to sift through the stuff at the new location.

Label, label, label – Labeling your boxes will be a huge help. When boxes are properly labeled, you will be able to simply drop the boxes off in the correct rooms at the new house and then put your helpers to work unpacking the box in its proper room.

Pack a moving box – A moving box is a handy box full of moving essentials that will help you out the day you arrive at your new home. This can include screwdrivers and other tools for putting furniture back together. Snacks, water, bottles, headache medicine, a first aid kit, some paper plates and cups for quick meals, and anything else you think you’d need to get through moving day.

Don’t overpack boxes – The temptation will be to cram as much as you can in each box. You should fight this urge. When boxes are overfilled, they will be difficult to lift — and you risk them breaking.

Room By Room

The most efficient way to pack is room by room. Make sure boxes are labeled for each room. Within the room, you will also want to pack items according to things that go together, such as kitchen utensils.