The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Moving

Many people see moving as an exciting undertaking. Such individuals look forward to their new life in a different location. They might be moving into a new city, focusing mainly on the opportunities. However, due to the high level of excitement, some people make huge mistakes when moving. Here are some of the common mistakes that people make when moving.

1. Hiring the Wrong Mover

A moving company determines the cost and how smooth your move will be. Therefore, you should take time to research the various moving companies before settling on one. Some of the things you should look out for include their reputation, experience, licensing, and insurance. Make sure you select a moving company that has been in the market for a lengthy period. Such organizations have consistently proven that they understand their role in the market.

2. Packing at the Last Minute

Procrastination is a time thief, which is evident when packing for a move. You should start packing as soon as possible to avoid the last-minute rush. Packing at the last minute can lead to breakages since you will not have ample time to wrap all your items properly. You can also forget some of the things you had planned to take with you. Create a packing list to avoid forgetting things.

3. Not Planning Your Budget Properly

It is essential to have a budget when moving. A budget ensures that you do not overspend on unnecessary things. You should also have some money set aside for unforeseen expenses. You might use all your money without a proper budget, which can lead to financial constraints. Your moving company should give you a breakdown of all their charges to help you plan your budget correctly. This will enable you to observe how you spend your money and cut down on unnecessary expenses.

4. Moving in Peak Season

Most people move during the summer since their children are not in school. The rates offered by moving companies are, therefore, higher during this time. You can avoid these high charges by moving during the off-peak season. Most companies offer lower prices during this time since there is little demand for their services. You should also plan your move early to avoid the last-minute rush, which can be expensive.

5. Not Protecting Valuable Items

The first rule of moving is to protect your valuables. These are items that can be easily damaged or lost during the move. Some of the things you should consider include jewelry, essential documents, and family heirlooms. You should also take an inventory of all your belongings before packing them. This will help you keep track of all your items and ensure that nothing gets lost during the move.


These are some of the mistakes people make when moving. By avoiding them, you can be assured of a smooth and stress-free move. This means you will have ample time to settle into your new home and enjoy your new life. Contact Furniture Master Moving Services Inc. for all your moving needs. We have years of experience in the industry and can guarantee you a stress-free move.