Making Your New House Feel Like a Home

Moving is often a stressful and time-consuming event, even with a moving company. In addition, moving during the holidays can add another layer of stress as you are in a new location, and it may not feel like home yet. Celebrating yearly events such as Thanksgiving or Christmas makes a home feel more like you belong there and also helps bring your family together. If you’ve just moved the following tips can make your new home feel more comfortable and make the holidays more memorable.

Five Tips for Making Your New Home More Festive

  1. Decorate for the Holidays: One of the best ways to settle in during a holiday is to decorate your home. Adding the right colors and decorations makes your home more cozy and festive. For example, for Christmas adding lights and a tree immediately calls to mind the feelings of the season and the joy of past years.
  2. Festive Music: Music is often closely associated with certain holidays. Playing holiday-themed music can immediately set the tone for your home and put you in the holiday spirit. Christmas music combined with the right decorations, for example, can make your home feel like Christmas.
  3. Use Video Calls and Other Technology: When you’ve just moved your family may be several hours if not states away. This can make your first holidays in a new home feel lonely. However, technology can help bridge that gap. Video calls and cellular apps allow you to talk to your family face-to-face and feel less alone.
  4. Baking: Baked goods are associated with the holidays as are several other dishes. Baking fresh cookies make a new home feel like it’s yours. Also, consider baking or cooking an old family recipe from back home. It doesn’t have to be complex, but familiarity can make you feel more comfortable and remind you of those you love.
  5. Create New Traditions: An important part of making a new residence feel like home is leaving your mark on it. This can be through acts such as the interior décor and also actions such as yearly holiday traditions. Establishing new traditions you can associate with your new residence can make it feel more like home and help you build good memories for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Moving services are an involved process with a lot of things to keep track of. Even after you finish moving (make sure you contact us; we can help!), it can take time to settle in; during the holidays, this can be noticeable. But with some effort and a focus on the things you enjoy about the holidays you can make the season memorable.