Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Move

The holidays are always an exciting time of year, and if you are moving during the holiday season, that excitement is even greater. Just don’t let your excitement cause you to lose sight of doing what you need to make the moving contractors‘ process easier and stress-free.

It doesn’t matter if you have many things to move or only a few items (don’t we wish); planning and preparation make all the difference. Here are a few tips to make moving during the hoilday season easier and to keep your holidays filled with joy — not stress.

Things To Move and Not Move

This could be a true litmus test for hoarders, but far too many moves include packing and hauling items we don’t use, need, or throw away on the other end. Being selective about what makes the trip will help add to a stress-less holiday move.

Plan According to the Weather

Is it expected to rain or snow during your moving day? Are you expecting scorching heat or potential wind storms? Being weather aware will not only make your trip less eventful, but it will also allow you to make preparations. Perhaps you will need to protect the flooring or carpet of the place you are leaving or moving to if the conditions are snowy or muddy.

Use Moving Containers

Yes, boxes do work, but they won’t protect your valuables from — well, virtually anything — and containers offer better protection from moisture, breakage, and other moving risks. Containers are also easier to handle and can generally be stacked without much concern. Don’t forget special accommodations for especially large items if you’re planning for things like piano or safe moving.

Make Use of Household Items for Packing

Electronics, glassware, and other fragile items require protection during long or short moves. That also means using protective products like bubble wrap and Styrofoam to keep these fragile items safe. Using sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and other soft household items as packing materials is a great way to move those items and protect your breakables.

For All Your Moving Needs

If you have an upcoming move, we can help. We are Furniture Master Moving Services Inc., a 5-star family-owned moving company with over 45 years of experience moving oversized items.

Before your next move, contact us and let our professional and friendly team show you how we can help today. From loading and unloading services and more, make your holiday move stress-free with Furniture Master Moving Services Inc.