How Much Do Movers Cost in Salt Lake City?

Movers,unloading,moving,vanMoving to a new location can be both exciting and stressful. From packing belongings to settling into a new home, there are numerous tasks to check off the list. One important aspect that often comes to mind is the cost of hiring movers. If you’re planning a move in Salt Lake City and wondering about the expenses involved, this blog post will provide you with a breakdown of the costs to help you plan your budget effectively.

1. Factors Affecting the Cost of Moving

Before we delve into the specifics of the costs involved, it’s essential to understand the factors that influence the overall price of hiring movers. These factors include:

– Size and type of home: The number of bedrooms and the square footage of your current and new home will impact the amount of work and time required for the move. Larger homes will generally incur higher costs.

– Distance: Whether you’re moving within Salt Lake City or to a different state, the distance plays a crucial role in determining the cost. Longer distances usually mean higher expenses.

– Accessibility and location: The accessibility of your current and new homes, such as stairs, elevators, or narrow hallways, can affect the cost. Additionally, the location of your new home may impact the pricing, especially if it’s in a remote area.

– Packing services: If you choose to opt for full packing services, where the movers pack and unpack your belongings, it will incur additional costs.

– Additional services: Services like furniture disassembly and reassembly, appliance installation, and storage solutions may add to the overall cost.

2. Cost Breakdown

When it comes to moving costs, there are two main options: hiring a full-service moving company or renting a moving truck and doing the work yourself. Let’s explore both these options:

– Full-Service Moving: If you prefer a stress-free moving experience, hiring a full-service moving company is a great choice. The cost typically depends on the factors mentioned above. On average, for a local move within Salt Lake City, expect to pay around $80 to $100 per hour for a two-person crew, including the truck. However, keep in mind that prices may increase during peak moving seasons.

– Truck Rental: If you’re on a tight budget or prefer to handle the move yourself, renting a moving truck is a cost-effective option. The rental costs vary based on the size of the truck, mileage, and the duration of the rental. On average, for a local move, expect to pay between $20 to $40 per day for a small truck and $40 to $80 per day for a larger truck. Additionally, consider expenses for fuel, insurance, and any additional equipment required, such as dollies or furniture pads.

3. Additional Costs to Consider

Besides the main moving costs, it’s important to account for additional expenses that might arise during the process. These include:

– Packing supplies: While full-service movers usually include packing supplies, if you’re doing the packing yourself, you’ll need to purchase boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and other supplies. Allocate a budget for these materials, which typically range from $50 to $200 depending on the size of your move.

– Insurance coverage: While most reputable moving companies provide basic liability coverage, it might be wise to invest in additional insurance for valuable items or higher coverage limits. The cost varies depending on the value of your belongings and the level of coverage desired.

– Tipping: It is customary to tip the movers for their hard work. While not mandatory, tipping around 10-15% of the total cost is considered an appropriate gesture.

4. Planning and Budgeting

To plan your moving budget effectively, consider the following steps:

– Get quotes from multiple moving companies and compare the services and rates offered.

– Calculate the total distance of your move and consider any additional services you might need.

– Keep a buffer for unexpected expenses that might arise during the move.

– Consider the time of year you plan to move, as prices tend to be higher during peak seasons.

– Create a detailed budget, accounting for all moving-related expenses, including supplies and additional costs.


Understanding the costs associated with hiring movers in Salt Lake City is crucial for a smooth and stress-free move. By considering the factors influencing the cost, exploring different options, and planning your budget effectively, you can ensure a successful and cost-effective relocation experience.

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